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Rockford River Days Medallion Hunt

(Clues listed below!)

Be safe & play nice!  Participants who engage in any unsportsmanlike, disruptive or abusive behavior will be disqualified, at the discretion of the River Days Committee. 

Anyone who damages, destroys, or trespasses on public or private property will be disqualified from the contest.  Participants must obey opening and closing hours of public parks.

River Days Committee members and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.

When you find the medallion you must immediately call the number enclosed with the medallion; failure to do so will cause you to forfeit the $100 prize.

Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue #1

I'm protected from the elements

But can still feel the breeze

Good luck finding the Medallion

For River Days 2023!

The Medallion has been FOUND!

It was hidden in a tree at 

RMS-CES, near the big rock

Clue #2

Haven't found me yet?

Just know I like to read

I really love to learn

Start searching with speed

Clue #4

Look High and Low

there are trees all around

The forest is nearby

I can't wait to be found!

Clue #3

Stay out of the street

Don't roll down this hill

To find me you won't

Need a lot of skill

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